Sinatra The Voice of Our Time on PBS Channel 13

Frank Sinatra

Come Fly with Me

Watch SINATRA The Voice of Our Time

Thursday August 9,  2018 at 9 PM

On Channel 13 in NEW YORK

“If you don’t already know. I’m a huge Fan of the great Frank Sinatra. I was fortunate to gain a liking of the mans music ever since I was a young boy, listening to my mother play her Sinatra records on the phonograph way back in the early 1960s. So along with loving all the music of the day, like: The BEATLEs, The SUPREMES, ELVIS PRSLEY, Mick Jagger and The ROLLING STONES and all the great POP ROCK and R&B Music of the day, I also loved the music my mother played, and people like; Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Jerry Vale, and of course Mr Frank Sinatra.”

I was quite fortunate enough to see the man perform live 7 times. If you never had the chance to see SInatra Live, or even if you have as I have, I never miss a chance to watch a documentary on Sinatra. Tonight, Channel 13 PBS will be airing SINATRA _The Voice of Our Time, a film on the career of Frank Sinatra. Don’t miss it.