Trattoria Pandomonio Florence Italy

Trattoria Pandomonio

FIerenze , Italy


with a BISTECA


STAR # 2



I first went to Trattorea Pandomonio way back in the Spring of 1996. It was before I opened my restaurant Bar Cichetti which was to be the 1st ever Venetian Wine Bar (Bacaro) in the United States. This was an exploritory trip to do more research on the Bacari  (Wine Bars) of Venice, as well as check out a few wine properties and explore other Italian Food since I would be in Liguria and Tuscany as well.

My partner Tom T. was going to Florence on a business trip and I would meet up with him in Florence. I got a cheap flight on TWA to Milan so I flew there. After landing in Milan, I made my way to Vernazza on the Ciinqueterre on the Ligurian Coast of Italy where I stayed for tow days before moving on to Florence before meeting up with Tom and Moran. Since after being to Italy six time already and not seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa I decided to stop off in Pisa on my way  to Florence to see the famed leaning tower, so I got up early and caught a train to Pisa. I rode a bus from the train station to the Piazza Miracoli to see the tower as well as the Duomo and Bapistry. These three structure on a lush green lawn made for quite a wonderful sight. I’m glad I went, but now it was on to Firenze.

I arrived at the Santa Maria Novella Train Station in Florence and made my way to my hotel a few blocks away. Later that night I made my way to The Grande Hotel in Florence to meet up with Tom and Murat. Wow, this hoel was amazing, one of the grandest lushest hotels I’d ever seen in my life, and I’ve been in a number of the best. I still think the Grade Hotel in Firenze, Italy was the tops. I met tom and Murat in the lobby and we had a couple Campari’s and some chit-chat. Tom told me the hotel consierge recommended a great little restaurant for us to have dinner at that night, and so after enjoying our apertivo in the plush surroundings, we hopped in a cab and made our way to Pandomonio and one of the greatest most wonderful dinners of my life.

We entered the restaurant (trattoria) and was immediately greeted by Momma who sat us at a nice table and gave us menus and a wine list. We were in Florence so it was either Chianti or Brunello. We opted for a bottle of Fattoria di Bari Brunello di Montalcino. Mamma rolled a cart over to our table with some wine glases and our bottle of Brunello. She opened it, poured us each a little of wine, then said, “a little for Mamma,” and proceeded to pour herself some of our Brunello, who were we to disagree with Mamma. We laughed, she laughed, Mamma toasted us “Chin Chin” and she took a gulp of Brunello. Don’t you just love it?

We ordered a plate of Salumi and some Crostini Toscana for our antipasti. We had a little protion of Paradelle con Sugo di Corniglio, and we split a nice big juicy Beisteca Firoentina, what else?

We had a most wonderful dinner. The food was awesome, we had a great bottle of Brunello, each others company, we were in Pandomonio and we had Mamma. She was awesome and more than antyhing, the great bottle of Brunello, tasty food cooked my Mamma’s son, and everthing else, it was Mamma who made the night.

We finished eating and Mamma wheeled over a cart with about 10 different Grappas on it, and precedded to pour us each a glass and one for herself. We all toasted each other and laughed once again.

The trattoria cleared out and there was only our table and a table where a famous Italian Artist was at. Mamma hadd the boys push all the tabels together and we all drank wine, chit-chatted and had a most wonderful time. 

That was my first night at Pandomonio. t wasn’t the last.



STAR # 3





with Some Veggies to Balance it Out


An Assortment of Grappa










Via del Leone 50 , Florence ITALY