Babe Ruth “The Sultan of Swat”


Babe Ruth


I Love this picture of Babe Ruth “The Sultan of Swat” and Greatest Sports figure of All Time. He the greatest Yankee them all, nobody beats The Bambino. He Hit 714 Homeruns, and is considered to be one of thee Greatest Homerun Hitters of All Time. For me, he is still # 1 Thee Greatest as he hit 714 in far fewer at bats than any other, and anyone who hit more life-time homeruns than Babe Ruth did it because they had many more at bats than Babe.

Anyway, I have always considered Babe Ruth , not only the Greatest Home Run Hitter of All Time, as well as the greatest Yankee, but for me Babe Ruth has always been and will always be the greatest sports figure in all sports of all time.

Basta !


Lifetime Stats :

Homeruns 714  (Most Lifetime when he retired)

Career Batting Average : .342  (10th Best All Time)

2.213 RBI ‘S  (2nd Best All Time)

Pitching :   W – L  94 Wins  46 Lost

ERA 2.28 

Winner of Seven World Series

Member of First Hall of Fame Class 1936

Member of Major League Baseball’s ALL CENTURY TEAM

Voted Athelete of The Century by The Associated Press




Babe Ruth