Babe Ruth “The Sultan of Swat”


Babe Ruth


I Love this picture of Babe Ruth “The Sultan of Swat” and Greatest Sports figure of All Time. He the greatest Yankee them all, nobody beats The Bambino. He Hit 714 Homeruns, and is considered to be one of thee Greatest Homerun Hitters of All Time. For me, he is still # 1 Thee Greatest as he hit 714 in far fewer at bats than any other, and anyone who hit more life-time homeruns than Babe Ruth did it because they had many more at bats than Babe.

Anyway, I have always considered Babe Ruth , not only the Greatest Home Run Hitter of All Time, as well as the greatest Yankee, but for me Babe Ruth has always been and will always be the greatest sports figure in all sports of all time.

Basta !


Lifetime Stats :

Homeruns 714  (Most Lifetime when he retired)

Career Batting Average : .342  (10th Best All Time)

2.213 RBI ‘S  (2nd Best All Time)

Pitching :   W – L  94 Wins  46 Lost

ERA 2.28 

Winner of Seven World Series

Member of First Hall of Fame Class 1936

Member of Major League Baseball’s ALL CENTURY TEAM

Voted Athelete of The Century by The Associated Press




Babe Ruth





Dinner at Cousin Tony s House


Dinner at Cosuin Tony’s House

Down The Jersey Shore


We had a great time at Cousin Anthony Bellino’s house down the. Jersey Shore. Tony planned a nice dinner for us. He had Vincenza come to make Linguine with Clam Sauce for us, and Tony wanted me to cook the Steak. Vincenza is from Castelmare di Stabia near Sorrento and The Amalfi Coast in Italy. Castelmare di Stabia is also, not far from Napoli, and Vincenza makes one mean Pasta with Clam Sauce

We picked up some nice Sirloin Steaks ( recipe ) at Lenny’s, and got some nice Jersey Tomatoes, Corn, Peaches, and potatoes to go with the Steak at a nice Farm Stand near Tony’s House.

Tony’s childhood friend Russ and his wife Lucie were at the dinner party, along with Gai and Danny, John and Gail, and Debbie Bellino’s brother Rob and his wife Brigett. 

Tony made some Sangria (very good) for our cocktail hour with h’ordeouvres before dinner, and I made Aperol Spritzs for everyone. It was a nice cocktail hour. We drank Marchese di Barolo Gavi and Jordan Cab with the meal. For dessert we had an Upside Down Crumb Cake with Custard that Tony bought at a local Bakery, and Tony’s friend Russ brought Cherry and Blueberry Piesers. It was quite a nice dinner of Family and Friends Jersey Italian Style. It was great, and this is a little remembrance of the time.




Mangia Italiano

Memories of Italian Food





Had a Burger at Corner Bistro Today


The Corner Bistro

I’ve been Going to The Corner Bistro Since 1984 when my friend Suwat brought me here.

The Corner Bistro was Rated New York’s Best Burger  for more than 30 Years, long before

the current BURGER CRAZE that began about 10 years ago.

The WONDER WHEEL Coney Island Brooklyn NY


The Wonder Wheel

At Luna Park




Copyright 2015 Daniel Bellino Zwicke



Learn How to Make SUNDAY SAUCE alla SINATRA

LEARN HOW To MAKE “SUNDAY SAUCE alla SINATRA” from a GUY WHOSE FAMILY COMES From The SAME TOWN in SICILY as The SINATRA FAMILY, as Well as LUCKY LUCIANO, “LERCARA FRIDDI, SICILY  … Daniel BELLINO and The BELLINO FAMILY where author Daniel Bellino’s Grandfather was a Shoemaker in Lercara Friddi as was Frank Sinatra’s Grandfather …
Learn How to Make SUNDAY SAUCE alla BELLINO all SINATRA with Daniel’s Famous Recipe for this renowned Italian-American Favorite. Daniel’s new book “La Tavola” Italian-American New Yorkers Adventures of The Table is filled with Wonderful Stories of Italian-American Life, especially as it is Centered around The Table and kitchen and of Family and Friends, the same as Frank, Sinatra that is, Italian-America’s All-Time Favorite Son. “Francis Albert Sinatra,” The Greatest Singer / Entertainer of The 20th Century.
If Frank was still alive, we’re sure he would have loved this one SUNDAY SAUCE for it’s great spirit of The Italian-American way of life, the Food and Kitchen. There’s even a whole chapter devoted solely to Sinatra, not many Food related books can say that. None in fact. Yes we are sure the great one Frank Sinatra would have really enjoy SUNDAY SAUCE by fellow Lecarese descendent Daniel Bellino “Z” and his it’s many wonderful stories and recipes of Italian-America, with recipes of; Sunday Sauce, Meatballs, Italian Wedding Soup, Pasta Fazool, and much more.
Yes Sunday Sauce, “We Love It,” we’re pretty sure Frank would have as well and that you’ll Love it too.
by Fellow Lecarese Descendent Daniel Bellino “Z”

Sinatra The Voice of Our Time on PBS Channel 13

Frank Sinatra

Come Fly with Me

Watch SINATRA The Voice of Our Time

Thursday August 9,  2018 at 9 PM

On Channel 13 in NEW YORK

“If you don’t already know. I’m a huge Fan of the great Frank Sinatra. I was fortunate to gain a liking of the mans music ever since I was a young boy, listening to my mother play her Sinatra records on the phonograph way back in the early 1960s. So along with loving all the music of the day, like: The BEATLEs, The SUPREMES, ELVIS PRSLEY, Mick Jagger and The ROLLING STONES and all the great POP ROCK and R&B Music of the day, I also loved the music my mother played, and people like; Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Jerry Vale, and of course Mr Frank Sinatra.”

I was quite fortunate enough to see the man perform live 7 times. If you never had the chance to see SInatra Live, or even if you have as I have, I never miss a chance to watch a documentary on Sinatra. Tonight, Channel 13 PBS will be airing SINATRA _The Voice of Our Time, a film on the career of Frank Sinatra. Don’t miss it.

Michael Stipes Writes a Song Hangs with Author Daniel Bellino “Z” at Bar Cichetti NYC

Bar Cichetti

America’s 1st Ever Bacaro


Created by Daniel Bellino Zwicke








Uncle Tony, Aunt Fran, Aunt Wand, Uncle Jimmy

Me, Cousin Tony and Debbie Bellino, Noel


I became famous  for my Meat Ragu ‘s at Bar Cichetti

My Duck Ragu, Veal Ragu, and Especially My RAGU BOLOGNESE


“it’s probably the Best Bolognese  in the country (America).”


Chef Daniel with Cameron Diaz




Frankie was one of The Hottest Models of The Day

Bacck The



and His Guitar Player from REM

One night Micheal Stipe came in the restaurant. he was with some friends, and they were going to see a Ted Demme Movie at the Film Forum across the street. They stopped in for a quick drink before seeing Ted’s film, then went across the street to watch the movie. After the film, Michael came back to Bar Cichetti. The diner rush had slowed down so I went out to the bar where Michael was standing, and started Chit Chatting with him. He told me he loved the Arancini (Rice Balls) and the Eggplant Caponata. At the time, I beleive Michael was a vegetarian, but I don’t think he is any longer, but I’m really not sure. The two of us were BSing at the bar, and I was teaching Michael a little bit about Italian Wine and I gave Michael a few different wines too taste and I told him about each wine that I had him tasting. I remember having him try my friend Gianni Venica’s Tocai, a Vino Nobile, and Zenato Ripassa.

We were hanging out and I was enjoying talking with Michael, he’s a very nice guy, and got to kow him a little more and take care of him when I was running the Enoteca at Del Posto Ristorante. 

At one point Michael asked me if I had a piece of paper and a pen. I gave him the two items he requested, and then Michael proceeded to write a song writee there on my bar. He wrote a song, and then Michael jumped up on our buffet table with Mike Mills and Peter Buck of REM ) and they proceeded to sing the song . The people who were left in my restaurant couldn’t beleive their eyes. Here was Michael Stipe and R.E.M. performing right in front of their very eyes, live in this little Italian Restaurant in Greenwich Village New York. It was amazing.

Before this all happened, my friendd Raoul had called me, and told me that he was at Peter Luger and he ran into Cameron Diaz ( a friend of his) at the steak house. I told him Michael Stipe was at my place, and he said he was going to bop in with Cammy.  A little while later my buddy Raoul came in with his girlfriend Lisa and Cameron Diaz . Cameron knows Michael and were happy to see each other. I cracked open a couple bottles of Champagne and we all had a great time that night a t Bar CIchetti, “America’s 1st Venetiean Wine Bar.”



Starring Maris Tomei 

and Robert Downey Jr. 


Raoul M. with Chef  Daniel Bellino “Z”

and Matt Dillon



Frankie Rayder