An Osteria in Rome

Me and Augusto

Osteria Olloro




I was lucky enough to find this place when walking around looking for a good trattoria one night. The place was jumping, I looked at the menu and peeked into the restaurant and it looked good to me. I asked if they had Cariciofi alla Romano and they saide they did, and I wanted a plate of Cacio Pepe and I got a glass of Frascati. Everything was quite good , including the service and the place had a nice lively vibe. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. After I had my tasty artichoke Roman style nad my pasta, I skipped dessert but got a nice Amaro Montenegro. I went up to got to the bagno and on my wahy I came across the ower who seemed like a upbeat fellow with a good perosnality. . This proved to be an understatement, he was quite aweesome. I started up a conversation with hm and he was very friendly and receptive to a little chat. We hit off imediately. He told me his name was Augusto and he ws pleased to meet me (Piacere). Afteer about just 4 minutes of chatting, he told one of the waiters , “Get my friedn a nice Scotch, give him an OBAN.” Wow, I was a little suprisied, but a verry Happy Suprise nun the less. This was my 12th trip to Italy and I had NEVER EVER had a Whiskey here of any type and never would have dreamed to get one, stricty : Campari, Negroni s, Aperol Spritz and good local Red or White wine from where ver I happen to be. A waiter brought me my fine Single Malt Oban Scotch Whiskey which I thoroughly enjoyed. And Augusto and I proceeded to have a wonderful conversation that lasted about 30 minutes. We were having a great time and beccame fast friends, and at one point when my glass was empty, Augusto oreded me another Oban. Finally after our long and most enjoyable chat, I went back to my table. I finishe dmy AMaro and asked for my check. The waiter brought it, it was 64 Euro. A minute later the waiter came and took my check back. Two minutes later he brought it back and the 64 was crossed out by Augusto and my check was now just 50 Euro. Wow, what a nice gestre again from the awesomely fantastic Augusto. He bought me about 36 Euro worth of Scotch and also took 14 Euro off my check.. Needless to say I had a most wonderful time at Alloro, and a meal I shall never forget, thanks to the Charming Ausgusto.

I highly reccomend this Osteria that had a great vibe, excellent reasonably price food and wine, and a great staff led by the affable Augusto. You can;t go wrong here, it’s great, and a meal I will always cherrish and remember.


Bravo Augusto and Grazie Mille Bello. Che Vediamo Presto,



Nuns in Trastevere